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NZMIC Competition

NZMIC Competition: Design a promotional package for the New Zealand Music Industry Centre (NZMIC), a new initiative that is based at the University of Otago. The package must include a scalable logo (logo only & logo with text; colour & black & white versions), letterhead (with logo and text), and business card. The designer of the selected entry may be asked to make some changes to suit final use.

Deadline: Friday 21 August 2009. Submit designs as A4 pdf files by email attachment to Scott Muir <>.

Prizes: The designer of the selected entry will receive an iPod Touch. The second prize, for the runner up, is an ipod.

Scott Muir provided the following description of the NZMIC.

NZMIC is a collaborative Centre between the Department of Music, University of Otago, and Ltd.

NZMiC is one of the University of Otago’s 12 high-priority initiatives in the TEC-endorsed Investment Plan (2008-10).

NZMIC will link Otago’s unique courses and internationally recognised staff with the national music industry via coursework, networking, internships, recording and performance.

It will do this in partnership with the new music economy specialists,

NZMIC is dedicated to preparing industry-ready music graduates. These graduates are better linked with, and more informed about, the music industry and related creative fields.

In doing so, the New Zealand music industry develops, the Dunedin and national economies grow and New Zealand’s national identity is strengthened.

A clear goal of NZMIC is to be a centre of national influence, not just for Dunedin. A large majority of the students studying contemporary music at Otago come from and return to other parts of New Zealand, and the Centre will work with a music industry chiefly based in Auckland and Wellington.

Dunedin is a hot-house for musicians given its reputation for innovative music and its significant music infrastructure: it is the ideal place to nurture careers in music.  As a result, a key activity for the Centre will be to bring musicians and industry professionals to Dunedin to engage with students.

Specifically, graduates will have:

-Engaged with industry through internships

-Recorded and performed with industry professionals

-Worked with industry to be prepared for management, promotion and touring.

NZMIC is able to facilitate and connect Music Department expertise with national and international players in the music industry and provide commercial and educational high quality outputs via the Albany Street recording facilities, and by interconnecting with key local stakeholders to provide services.

Scott Muir

Manager: Martin Phillipps and The Chills, Delgirl,

About The Chills:

About Delgirl:

About Dunedin music

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    the music industry would always be a thriving industry specially these days where we listen to a lot of music ~-‘

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