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Last Lecture and Tutorial Plans

October 9, 2009

Since the hand-in date for the Climate Change Awareness project is on the last day of classes (16 October), there will not be an opportunity for us to show and discuss the final submission with the class. For this reason, we will use the last lecture on Monday 12 October to hear short presentations from each of the groups about their project. Everyone should plan on attending, and groups should be prepared to provide a brief (3-5 minute) summary of their project. This is a chance to get useful feedback before the hand-in. If you want to show images, please provide these to Mark or Tracey in advance, or bring them on a USB drive to the class. Please remember that you will have one week after the hand-in date to record your peer assesment in Assessi.

Although you will need time during the last tutorials next week to complete your submission, we will use some of the time to complete the course evaluation (about 10:00) and have a brief discussion about you experience of the course. This formal and informal feedback is really helpful and we appreciate your comments. Please feel free to provide additional comments to Mark and Tracey by email, or to your class rep.

Mark McGuire:

Tracey Gardner:

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