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Project #3 (group): Climate change awareness

September 22, 2009

This information about the Climate Awareness Project was presented during the lecture on 21 September (and is also in the course handout). Please note that you are asked to form your own groups of 3-4.

Due date: Friday 16 October 4:00 PM. Submit work in appropriate media (CD-ROM, printed A3 or A4 documents, etc.) to the office. Make sure that your name and tutorial stream is on all work. Upload files of all work to Assessi.

Assessment: 25% of total mark for the course

Client: The population of the world (especially Dunedin)

Brief: Develop an idea for an event, action, or strategy that effectively communicates issues relating to climate change. You can design an action for the International Day of Climate Action (see and the posts below), or you can devise another project (with the approval of Mark or Tracey). Create a set of A3 posters, short videos, flyers, a website, or other artifacts that promote your action and explains the climate change issues. Your submission should include an A4 document (min 8 pages) that summarizes your research and process, and clearly explains and illustrates your plan and promotional strategies.

Groups: Form your own groups of 3-4 and send an email listing the names of the people in your group to Mark (Thursday tutorial) or Mark & Tracey (Friday tutorial).

Possible projects include: Dunedin Spring Food Festival (promotion, workshops, information campaign), your own event, print communication campaign (flyers, posters, buttons, etc), Internet site or event, social networking ideas, street theatre, exhibition, education material or event, video or animation, radio or newspaper promotion, protest, public art, publicity stunt . . .

Assessment: Design research and development, clear and convincing proposal, successfully engages with audience, increases awareness of climate change through designed communication, provides ideas for further action. You can see the Assessi marksheet for this project by logging on to the student site or by clicking here.

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  1. December 28, 2009 6:43 am

    Respected sir,

    Greetings from SAVE THE EARTH – INDIA Network.

    Save the Earth – India Network was started in November 2009. Since its inception the network has seen massive growth, starting from 2 people ( M. Annadurai Project Officer – SACEWD Trust, Pudukottai District and K. Amirthalingam – Director – Creative Trust , Madurai District) and today its reach spanning out 15 NGOs and 1000 Women self help groups, 150 Youth clubs, 100 Schools all over the 15 districts of Tamil Nadu. In its short period of existence, it has generated a lot excitement from youth and adults at the grassroots and is now present in 15 districts of Tamil Nadu and are quickly moving into other districts of Tamil Nadu.

    Our Network is aimed at spreading awareness about climate change, its causes and effects, and individuals choosing the best options for sustainability.

    Our network activity will help choose a women self help group and youth club to be a the spokes forum on environmental issues, it can encourage people to make right life style choices.

    Our Network team members organized state level Women self help group’s 350 Campaign at Surakkadu village, which is 45 kms from Pudukottai district, Tamil Nadu, India. Nearly 350 Women self help group members from 15 districts of Tamil Nadu participated and raised slogan that “Save Earth ” “ Save Earth ” and make resolution and uses the all walks of life as follows:

    – Bicycling
    – Planting trees
    – Reducing the use of electricity when and where possible
    – Taking public Transport
    – Using natural light during the day
    – Harvesting rain water
    – Using CFL Bulbs for lighting
    – Eat local and in-season food
    – Always carrying a cloth bag

    Women self help group interaction and Rally also organized in this campaign. During this campaign our net work partner 15 NGO leaders were actively participated and helped to get the campaign success. Convenor M. Annadurai and organizer K. Amirthalingam has taken part and involved as a volunteer right from beginning to end. Tea and working lunch were provided to 350 Women self help group members.

    Thanking you,
    M. Annadurai K. Amirthalingam M.A., M.Phil.,
    Network Organizers – Save the Earth – India network


    • Mark Mcguire permalink
      December 28, 2009 8:22 am

      Dear M. Annadurai and K. Amirthalin

      Thank you for your message, which I also received by email (through the 350 Dunedin team mailing list). Clearly, you are making an effort to connect with others who share your interests and concerns. I looked at your website and am impressed to see the range of projects that your organization is involved in. I wish you all the best for 2010.

      Mark McGuire

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