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DESI 222 Project #2 ideas

August 28, 2009

The brief for this individual project includes the following ideas:

Create a piece of retail graphic design for the Trade Aid shop, 133 George Street, Dunedin. Possibilities include: shelf talker, shelf strips, pricing labels, coffee bar menu, producer info cards, sale sign, window signage or display, gift wrapping notice, sandwich board designs, “did you know . . . signs”, product display, Xmas or winter gala night flyers and posters, coffee tasting night promo, Fair Trade products map, Orientation stall design, etc.

During his talk on Monday 24 August, Dave also suggested the following: Trade Aid Letterhead

, Sale Signs (SALE, 30% Off, etc

),  Ground Coffee Shelf Strips, “New from Tanzania” sign, “Children are welcome to play with the toys” notice. Visit the shop and see what other opportunities you can identify.

You could also promote the Trade Aid products sold through the OUSA office. John Philipson (see interview below) would welcome design assistance with the Fair Trade University campaign (email John at Assisting with the final branding package and promotional efforts for the Fair Trade Dunedin campaign is another possibility

Different students may select the same project. Mark or Tracey must approve your project choice.


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