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Storytelling and the Buy New Zealand Made Campaign

August 7, 2009

Stories form a central part of many branding strategies. Some branding companies advertise their storytelling expertise as a central part of their service. The Story Tellers, based in the UK, and Envisioning and Storytelling, based in Vancouver, Canada, are two examples. The degree to which the story is a truthful representation of what a company or organization is producing or providing is a central question. Although a brand can exist as a story that has little connection to a product, some campaigns draw on existing narratives and build upon them in a way that helps to explain and clarify a truthful message.

The Buy Kiwi Made Campaign, which ran from July 2007-April 2009, is a good example of how an effective set of related narratives can be told using video, audio, and text. A wide variety of media advertisements were release during the course of the campaign, including full page newspapers ads that referred to stories and images from the past. A well-known New Zealand actor introduced the campaign in humourous and visually engaging television ads. A similar attitude and tone of voice is evident in the radio ads, print material, and billboards that followed.

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