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Te Puni Kokiri logo design by Brian R Richards

July 29, 2009
by Brian R Richards

by Brian R Richards (Rooney, E. (2006). Too Hot to Handle. ProDesign, October/November, 26-32)

For those who did DESI 212 last semester (2009) you might remember a lecture I gave about Appropriation ‘How [in]appropriate’ where I used this example to reflect good design practice in terms of the approach followed. This is just a reminder of this example from that lecture, its link to the case study presented by Caroline McCaw [as they are the same brand company] and the role of designers when developing brands. This is a good example of how collaborative relationships between designer and client help to inform the design outcome.

The Brian R Richards company developed this logo for Te Puni Kokiri (a Maori cultural development organisation). The company followed consultation with a respected moko artist, Gordon Toi, where four non-iwi-specific Maori patterns were developed to mirror Te Puni Kokiri’s particular aspirations. Photographs of plants [which were identified as important to Maori] were incorporated into the design, as well as Maori proverbs to add interest.

Overall the impressions from those groups and individuals involved in the logo and branding process were extremely positive as the approach to deliver a creative solution with cultural integrity was acknowledged and considered.

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