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Te Roopu Mäori welcome & visit

July 24, 2009

Thanks to you all for staying to meet with our client for Project 1 and welcoming the executive of Te Roopu Mäori to Design Studies.

After talking with the executive, we all commented on the great questions asked – well done! I think you all managed to draw out some really good discussion and points that the whole class can now benefit from. Hopefully by meeting with the client and listening to their experiences of the organisation this will help frame your development of the concept and design of your logo.

Before the executive left, Fallyn provided me with a list of websites to investigate for further examples of logo design….this time from polytechnic’s and universities and other Mäori and non-Mäori student associations and organisations. [I’ve added a few myself towards the end].

Ngai Tauira Mäori – Auckland University Mäori Students Association

NZUSA – this is a national union of student associations, the largest student body in the country

Te Mana Akonga – the national Mäori student body….there logo features on Te Roopu Mäori website if you haven’t found already

Whitireia – community polytechnic in Porirua, Wellington

Tairäwhiti – polytech based in Gisbourne

Nga Taura Umanga – Mäori Student Commerce Assoication at Victoria University

I will keep posting more links as I come across them. Have a good weekend and see you all next week


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