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Interview with Trade Aid Shop Managers

July 8, 2009

This mp3 audio file is from the first Sustainable Dunedin Podcast. This series is produced by students in Design Studies (DESI 436) and Science Communication (SCOM 407) at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand. In this episode (25 min. 30 sec.), Mark McGuire investigates sustainable trade. He visits the Trade Aid shop on George Street in Dunedin and talks to Louise McKinnis, the Manager for Trade Aid in Dunedin, and Dave Butler Peck, the Assistant Manager and Education Co-ordinator. For more information, visit the Sustainable Design Studies blog.

To subscribe to this podcast in iTunes, choose “Subscribe to Podcast” in the “Advanced” menu and paste in the following url:

Click here to Download and play the mp3 file (23.3 MB) from UniTube

Click here to download and play an enhanced version of this podcast (with images)

Both of these files are also available from Mark McGuire’s OUT box on the server, Jeeves (the enhanced version has larger images than the one on UniTube).


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